About Us


Wafer King’s success story began in 1997 when the company was born out of a need for better quality cones at affordable prices.

Wafer King is well recognised throughout the cone industry where the quality of our product speaks for itself.

Our geographical location gives us easy access to fresh, top quality ingredients, using only credible suppliers with strict food safety accreditations in place, offering our customers only the best.

We are a highly experienced, highly motivated and successful organisation with national resources and connections.

Keeping the highest level of ethics in mind, the safety and health of our employees, sustaining natural resources and protecting the environment forms part of our company’s commitment.

Through the years we expanded our product range to supply sweets and snacks under the brands Super Sweets and Perfect Snacks.

Through CaterBiz we supply catering equipment and display products.

Good Value Brands has been formed to house all four categories of products.


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We stock a large variety of ice cream related products, sweets, snacks and equipment and deliver to our customers throughout the year.


We never compromise on quality and only use the best ingredients from the most reputable suppliers.

Our unique packaging ensures safe transport and lasting freshness. Our on-site warehouse carries large volumes of finished products and supply can be done immediately.

Food Safety

Our manufacturing facilities are HACCP Food Safety compliant. Our Quality Assurance Team ensures HACCP procedures are strictly adhered to.

Market Supply

We supply ice cream facilities and shops, fast food chains, independent outlets, food distributors, supermarkets and wholesalers. We also export to neighbouring countries.


We distribute to all provinces in South Africa as well as export to several neighbouring countries. We use our own transport vehicles as well as third party services for the longer distances.

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